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13 Apr 2014

POSTED BY David Jackson | Apr 13th, 2014

Google Glass available to public in a one-day online sale

Google has announced that it will sell its Google Glass online to the public on 15 April.2014. As per the Google’s statement, only “US” and “Adults” will be able to make the purchase for the latest tech gadget by Google. The product will be sold at U.S. $1,500 dollars per piece to the citizens of the United States. The initial version of the Google Glass will be available on Tuesday starting from 9 am to US citizens to anyone who places the order online on the company’s...

12 Apr 2014

POSTED BY Kenan Arif | Apr 12th, 2014

Adobe Systems fixes critical flaws in Flash Player and AIR software

Adobe Systems issued security updates information related to AIR software and Flash Player for four critical vulnerabilities which can lead in the direction of information disclosure and arbitrary code execution. These vulnerabilities were exposed at Pwn2Own hacking competition which was held in March this year. The vulnerabilities for Flash Player are rated as Priority 1 from Adobe Systems. The score given to these vulnerabilities come under severe ratings which could lead to information...

09 Apr 2014

POSTED BY Emily Ritchie | Apr 9th, 2014

Online Retail sales down in February

According to recent findings by NAB Online Retail Sales Index, Australian online sales grew by just 0.1 percent in February. The month registered the slowest growth for the online retail industry in the last three months with January registering 1.1 percent growth after a subsequent well-built performance over the last three months. On the other hand, the business growth for the traditional businesses have improved in the past few months, mounting by 0.7 percent in January on a three-monthly...

08 Apr 2014

POSTED BY James Cooper | Apr 8th, 2014

Australian economy gets $33.8 billion by mobile broadband

With internet becoming an integral part of our lives, online industry growth has registered one of the highest year-on year growth escalations amongst all sectors. In Australia, due to the increase in mobile internet usage, the country witnessed a growth of $33.8 billion during 2013. In Australia’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP), mobile broadband services made a contribution of 2.28 percent. The key findings regarding the impact of mobile broadband industry on the Australian economy is a...

06 Apr 2014

POSTED BY Lisa-Marie Smith | Apr 6th, 2014

Tap-and-go payments on Samsung mobiles with Westpac

For Samsung mobile users, there is good news on the way. Westpac has introduced its mobile phone payment system on selected Samsung mobiles. The new technology allows them to make cashless and card-less transactions using their mobiles phones. Using the near-field communications (NFC) chip technology which is available in many Android based phones; Samsung users will be able to make transactions by tapping on a compatible terminal. The NFC technology is available for Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 and...

05 Apr 2014

POSTED BY Mark Truskett | Apr 5th, 2014

Google launches Android TV

Google, the search engine giant is planning to launch another set-top box named “Android TV”. According to the blog, The Verge, Google is preparing to launch “Android TV” in the near future. The effort comes after the launch of a set-top box TV in 2010, which did not do fairly for itself. The TV set was not successful owing to its complexities of user interface such as sluggish and complicated operation. The new “Android TV” seems will be very much like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and...

04 Apr 2014

POSTED BY Danielle O'Reilly | Apr 4th, 2014

Australian privacy laws could cause trouble for Google glass

If the new Australian privacy law gets passed, it can cause problem for Google Glass. The product is already causing controversy in The United States, with the recent case of a man being accused by FBI agents for making a ‘pirated’ film he was watching at a theatre. The Australian Financial Review report details the law formed to avoid incursion of privacy and taking videos of individuals without their consent. If the law gets implemented; Australians can face trouble using Google Glass....

02 Apr 2014

POSTED BY David Jackson | Apr 2nd, 2014

ReachLocal Inc. Acquires 1000 Clients in First Six Months

ReachLocal, Inc., a start up company providing its customers with local online marketing solutions in The United States and Canada since 2013, has announced that its 1,000 clients are now live on ReachEdge marketing automation platform in the first six months itself. The company will be launching its services in the UK and Australia in 2014, with its new marketing software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite of products. The company helps in building responsive website design for optimising device user...

01 Apr 2014

POSTED BY Gerhard Schweinitz | Apr 1st, 2014

Cisco enters cloud computing market with 1 Billion investment

Cisco Systems, Inc., plans to enter the cloud computing market with 1 billion investments in the next two years. The information technology giant Cisco, which has a net worth of about 49 billion in terms of annual revenue is entering the market through partnership model with Telstra, Wipro Ltd. and Ingram Micro Inc. The company plans to build and provide data centres to companies who do not want to invest in their information technology infrastructure. It will both build and associate with its...

28 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Rebecca Herbert | Mar 28th, 2014

Adobe and SAP cross selling each others products

SAP and Adobe recently announced their reseller agreement to sell Adobe’s Marketing cloud with SAP HANA platform and Hybris Commerce Suite. In the global agreement, both the companies will invest to expand sales, marketing and development resources. With the partnership, both the companies want to create a ‘marketing cloud” solution for businesses who want to improve their customer relations and engagement. This “marketing cloud” will be an end-to-end collection of digital marketing...

26 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Emily Ritchie | Mar 26th, 2014

Rules for creating your online Facebook profile

After Google, Facebook is the second most visited page on the internet. Therefore, it is important for a business, to create a Facebook business page to attract maximum customer attention. Here are some guidelines that you need to follow to create a Facebook Page for your business -   Creating a Facebook page: Create a Facebook account and then choose which type of page you want to create for your business. Opt for ‘Local Business’ or a ‘Company, institution or local business’...

24 Mar 2014

POSTED BY David Jackson | Mar 24th, 2014

Effective Marketing Strategies for a Business

In the virtual world that is driven by internet advertising, email marketing is one of the most effective advertising techniques. It is estimated that over 122 billion emails are being sent everyday for promotional purposes. Therefore, it has become imperative that email marketing should be done in an effective way.   There are several underlying principles that must be kept in mind.   Subject line:  A good and catchy subject line is the basic rule for effective email marketing. ...

23 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Danielle O'Reilly | Mar 23rd, 2014

Top questions at job interviews

A job interview you were expecting to be eas,y might not seem all that smooth when you are sitting opposite to your interviewer. You will have to answer every question diligently, as even a small error can result in you loosing the chance for the prospective job. Every interview is different from another, making it hard to have any specific rules to help you secure the job you want. Interview questions differ with different jobs you apple for so do your research so you are prepared. However,...

22 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Lisa-Marie Smith | Mar 22nd, 2014

Three signs that suggest you are stuck in the wrong job

Do you wake up with this sinking and burdensome feeling about going to work? You are always exhausted and feel drained out on most of the days after you come back from work. If this feeling of being blue feels eternal with no light at the end of the tunnel, then it is the time that you take a good look at your job profile. If you constantly feel unhappy and are not content, this suggests that you are probably professionally dissatisfied. Here are some sure shot signs that imply you need to...

21 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Gerhard Schweinitz | Mar 21st, 2014

Google and it’s security features

With World Wide Web becoming the place where we store all our data,  online security has become the keyword. Our Gmail account has our entire personal and professional details. Hacking into an account can create serious problems for someone who stores valuable information in his/her account. So how do you make sure that your account is safe guarded? Well, Google has thought of this and given its users several options within their Google accounts to combat this growing security issue: Secure...

20 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Emily Ritchie | Mar 20th, 2014

Plan your day for success

Everyone wants to be successful in life, but very few are willing to prepare for it. Have you ever thought how successful people plan and manage their days? Though everyone has different rules depending on their work schedules, there are some underlying common rules that all successful people adhere to – Start and plan early: If you have read books written by successful people on how to excel at work, they will tell you the same. Most successful people start their day early and plan ahead for...

19 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Danielle O'Reilly | Mar 19th, 2014

Google buys Credit Karma for $100 million

Google recently announced that it has invested $100 million in Credit Karma, an online service that provides free credit report to the citizens of The United States. Launched in 2008, Credit Karma is a San Francisco-based company which provides free credit reports to its members. The website grew from its 9 million member base to 20 million member base, last year alone. The website gives its members access to their credit reports for free once every week. The United States has three main...

17 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Trent Fischer | Mar 17th, 2014


S2M is proud to announce it has signed on as a strategic partner for Good Design Australia, which has launched for 2014 the Good Design Awards (formerly the Australian International Design Awards).  The Good Design Awards are calling for innovative entries from Australia and around the world to the 2014 awards. S2M Digital Recruitment is a leading provider of designers and developers across Australia that conceive, create and build some of the World’s most innovative digital media...

15 Mar 2014

POSTED BY David Jackson | Mar 15th, 2014

How to create a great first impression

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” The old saying, fits exactly in that situation when you are meeting a employer for the first time. As with plenty of potential candidates, employers are generally picky when it comes to hiring. This is why creating a good first impression becomes important for you. Job interviews are conducted not only to assess your professional skills, but, also to assess your whole personality. When you only have those 20 seconds to express...

14 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Rebecca Herbert | Mar 14th, 2014

It’s not a cat business anymore

Grumpy cats, keyboard cats, furry cats, Madame George and other felines mean real business these days. These cats have caught the attention of social media lovers with an Internet Cat video Festival of their own held around various cities across the globe. The cat sensation was started by Scott Stulen, custodian of the Internet Cat Video Festival. Scott Stulen created the famous Henri le Chat Noir – a video series depicting a moody cat ‘Henri’. The video was in black and white and...